Workin' Too Hard

Lakeland Rangers

Workin' Too Hard

(S. Niebauer)

Workin' Too Hard , Workin' Everyday


Workin' Bustin' Butt,  But, It Don't Seem To Pay

Humpin' For The Money, Doin' What You Do

Like To Get A Life That Won't Get You

I'm Your Worker.  I'm A Hard Workin' Dude.


Verse 1:

Don't Mind Sweatin'; Do The Job For You

But Doin' Doubles Just To Make The Grade,

Will Drive You Crazy, Make You Wanna Say ..


Repeat Chorus                              


Instrumental Break




Verse 2:

In The Morning, I'm Uninspired

An' Drivin' To Work, I'm Still Dog Tire

Workin' Six Days For A Weekend Fling,

Then You're So Tired, You Can't Do A Damn Thing


Repeat Chorus


Instrumental Break




Verse 3:

You Know There's Things That I Like To Do

Like Huntin' And Fishin' An' Loving You

But, I Can't Do It 'Cause I Ain't Got The Time

Husslin' Gona Drive Me Out Of My Mind


Repeat Chorus


*Written by Skip Niebauer, Copyright 1996, 2008, Weigaltown Publishing Company (BMI)

c/o American Artist Studio, P.O. Box 131, Erie, PA 16512, (814) 455-4796

April 21, 2015


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