A Crawlin' Man

A Crawlin' Man

Arkay IV

A Crawlin' Man

( D. Massello & S. Niebauer)

Verse 1:

First you took my hand,

then you walked away.

Well, I knew our love was goin' bad,

but, I never thought today.


Verse 2:

First, you said I lied;

- that I'd been untrue.

If I had done all these things,

I wouldn't be in love with you.



Drivin' me crazy with your heartaches.

You're pretending.

Why do you do it to me ?


Key Change


Verse 3:

Baby, now I see

that you've got a plan.

Well, you don't want a man so free.

You want a crawlin' man.

You want a crawlin' man.


Repeat Chorus


Repeat Verse 3


Written by Dave Massello & Skip Niebauer, Copyright 1965, Kay-Art Music Company (BMI),

c/o American Artist Studio, P.O. Box 131, Erie, PA 16512, (814) 455-4796

April 20, 2015


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