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Captain Dan Geary, the mastermind behind Mercyhurst University's amazing oldies station, WMCE (Listen at WMCE.FM), posted this and generated a bucketload of comments from so many of our fans! We had a great time reading the discussion, and hope you do, too. Thanks Captain.

From Erie, Pennsylvania, The Arkay IV was started in 1963 by Bill Arnold, Skip Niebauer & John Nicotra. After his high graduation Bill left for military service and was replaced by Bob Sustak who was soon drafted into the army and was replaced by Dave Massello and Tom Brocki. This formed the core of the group from 1964 to 1969. The group went through several personal changes due primarily to the military draft for the Vietnam War. Besides those mentioned above the principal players include: Bill Adleff, Mark Fainstein, Vil Stomers, Bill Kirby, Jon Ims, Mike Redicliff and Doug Phillips.

They issued three 45s and an album (Marion 22595) between 1966-68. Their album has been reissued as The Mod Sounds Of… by Cicadelic (CICLP 1003) 1988, and also on CD by Collectables as Battle Of The Bands. This CD combines The Arkay IV’s album and The Outcasts Meet The Outcasts! It contains 26 tracks including previously unreleased demos.

April 20, 2015

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