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Thanks to Myron Jones and WJET

We were fortunate to be recording during the radio era, when good  guys like Myron Jones' WJET would cut a break to aspiring musicians with a following. They gave us great spins on air, gewtting us into their top 50 lists, and generating plays on other stations as a result.

Thanks to Timothy Patrick McLaughlin for posting this.


May 23, 1967
#1 - Somebody To Love - Jefferson Airplane
#2 - Mirage - Tommy James & The Shondells
#3 - Groovin - Young Rascals
#4 - Happy Jack - The Who
#5 - Creeque Alley - Mamas & Papas
#8 - Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Frankie Valli
#14 - I Got Rhythm - Happenings
#20 - Here Comes My Baby - Tremeloes
#23 - Sunday - Spanky & Our Gang
#26 - Little Bit Of Soul - Music Explosion
#29 - Down From #9 - Arkay IV
#35 - When I Was Young - Eric Burdon
#41 - Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead - Fifth Estate
#44 - Let's Live For Today - Grass Roots
#47 - Lay Some Happiness On Me - Dean Martin
#50 - Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon - Neil Diamond
  • Mark Signorino Very cool! I can remember going to the Record Bar to pick up the weekly list.
  • Timothy Patrick McLaughlin did you know that the Record Bar was originally owned by Warren Radio?
  • Mark Signorino No, I did not. The Record Bar was WAY before I gave my paycheck to Warren Radio every week (or so it seemed). Gotta wonder where they would be today: no more home audio, no more tube TV's, now it's I-pods & phones and very little repair of electronics.
  • Timothy Patrick McLaughlin Eventually Warren Radio would have gone out of business like many locally owned " small " businesses. Heck, even the building is gone now! I would like to have some of those "new old stock" tubes as some of them are worth $. I really miss Warren Radio, especially when I'm looking for parts. Radio Shack is basically a cell phone store.
  • Mark Signorino Yeah, you're right. Trying to buy electronics today is like trying to do surgery on yourself. I feel like I know more about the product than most salesmen at the "big box" stores do. That's probably why I always try to deal with local businesses when I can. Kraus Dept store is one of my favorites.
  • Timothy Patrick McLaughlin Kraus' is great. They carved out a niche which is what the local mom and pop's have to do to survive.
  • David Mclaughlin We probably got this Top 50 from Murphy's at the West Erie Plaza. They had the 45 display by the front window. My favorite DJ was Al Knight on the right with the sunglasses. I think his name was some sort of pseudonym for All Night.
  • Timothy Patrick McLaughlin sometimes we bought the lp's just because they had a cool cover; we could return it if we didn't like the music!
  • David Mclaughlin You could post a photo of the type of record player we would play them on that you got a few years ago. We would manually rotate the platters so they would play backwards and sound scratchy. Our mom would scold us because she thought this would break t...See More


April 20, 2015

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