Thanks For Stopping By

Thanks For Stopping By

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Welcome to the official website of the 60's rock band the Arkay IV. We have information, recordings, products and pictures of the group.

In addition, we have related information and recordings by the Weigaltown Elemental Band, the Lakeland Rangers, the Loose Change Band, Tom Brocki , and Carl P. Austin,  author of  The Band Book, Tales of the Inland Seas,Truckin' Tales, The Austin Songwriting Method and The One Hour Course for the Once a Week Parent.



Collectibles Available Now

Purchase physical products here.

Download Arkay IV songs at CD Baby and other sites on the web.

Just Released!

A new Arkay IV Recording! - the first since 1967.

The song, "Playin' That Rock 'n' Roll" written by Skip Niebauer features all the original member plus Sam Hyman, Kevin McCleary, and Mickey Steinbaugh of the Arkay IV Revival band from the 1980's. The song is available as a single and as part of a new CD release titled the Essential Arkay IV. Get it HERE!



Your comments or additional information about the Arkay IV or this sitewill be appreciated.

Enjoy the site, and thanks for stopping !

Skip Niebauer

April 21, 2015

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